At Overberg Agri, we strive to enrich the agricultural industry by providing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to enhance and sustain positive development. Today – we’re introducing you to Rovic Leers Orchard Mist Blower – an asset in Conservation Agriculture! Syncroflow technology is used in the design of the Rovic Evenflow® Orchard Mist blowers, achieving the following objectives:

  • The air momentum gathered by the fan system is balanced with the tree structure and spraying speeds used in industry to supply the whole tree structure with spray-laden air, without undue losses due to spraying through the target. This increases the recovery levels of active ingredient and reduces the risk of drift contamination.
  • The air velocity profiles generated are balanced with the tree structure and dimensions to facilitate reach to all target areas without oversupply of airspeed in the lower outside areas, resulting in blowing active ingredient off the target. This improves the uniformity of recovery of active ingredient throughout the target for improved efficacy.
  • The angle of impact on the tree structure by the air momentum is not perpendicular, but at an angle, to facilitate improved catch efficiency on the target, improving the uniformity of recovery of active ingredient on fruit, branches and leaves.
  • The lateral balance (left and right) of air momentum and air velocity profiles is achieved to ensure even results on both sides of the sprayer.
  • The amount of energy consumed in this process is as low as possible to support minimum carbon footprint and reduce the cost of operation.


  • 1500/2000/3000 litre Polyethylene tank with 5% additional foam capacity, dual filling lids and integrally moulded tunnel for drive shaft
  • Hand wash tank (10 litre) and clean water system rinse tank (150 litre)
  • Two tank level indicators, front scaled on indicator
  • Class 6 Constant Velocity (CV) PTO shaft
  • Adjustable drawbar with free rotational tow eye and heavy duty height-adjustable stand jack
  • COMET APS 145 Diaphragn pump (50 Bar, 145 l/min)
  • Electrical control valves for open/close, left and right
  • Full size calibration pressure gauge on rear spray booms
  • Adjustable width axle with 10.0/75-15.5 x 10PR tyres
  • 11 x Roll over brass nozzle holders per side, ALBUR ATR Nozzles fitted to specification
  • SYNCROFLOW® Technology inside
  • EVENFLOW® Turret in Stainless Steel
  • EASS® Easy Access Service System
  • BELLYPLATE Protection

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