How do you improve a machine that has set industry benchmarks for speed and productivity? The answer is you focus on pushing the boundaries even further; things like giving every model a horsepower boost, improving operator comfort with an all-new suspension system and boosting infield performance with an upgraded header drive.

What are the benefits of the Macdon M155 Self-propelled windrower?

Up-Powered With Cummins Engines

All M Series Windrowers have received a significant horsepower boost thanks to the addition of Cummins engines across the board. Both the M155 and M105 also enjoy upgraded power with new tier 3 Cummins engines of their own.

Exceptional crop clearance

The M Series frame features a wide wheel stance and an unobstructed, unmatched 45.7″ (1160 mm) below frame clearance when cutting bushy crops.

Making you faster in the field, faster between fields and faster home

MacDon’s patented Dual Direction® technology (models M205 and M155) allows you to switch to road travel mode in seconds for speeds of up to 23 MPH (37 km/h). Better still, there is no need to detach the header and transport it via flatbed, saving you even more time and labour when moving from field to field. (Limitations may occur due to road width restrictions with larger headers.)

New Ultra Glide™ Suspension System

M Series Windrowers are not just all about muscle and power; they also have a softer side, thanks to MacDon’s new Ultra Glide™ Cab suspension system. This four-corner “custom tuned” independent suspension system features suspension stabilization to prevent cab roll and “chop” for what is likely to be the smoothest ride you’ve ever experienced in a windrower.

Easy Unplugging From The Cab

MacDon’s Hydraulic Header Reverser (optional for M205 and M155 windrowers) allows the operator to quickly unplug the conditioner and other major header components on augers and drapers without leaving the operator’s station.

Computerized cutting control with harvest manager pro

M Series Windrowers come with a fully computerized monitoring and header control system that provide the operator with real time readout of the header’s cutting performance and critical information. Operators will also enjoy easy, intuitive fingertip control of all header functions including MacDon’s highly popular “return-to-cut” feature that allows the operator to precisely return the header to the same setting after lifting it.

New Enhanced Air Intake and Exhaust System

To accommodate the larger engine, the M205 and M155 feature a completely redesigned air intake and exhaust system which has resulted in a reworking of the windrower’s body and hood to allow for greater airflow into the engine. To keep up, the air filter has also been enlarged which has provided the added bonus of longer periods between service intervals.

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