As one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, CLAAS is uniquely placed to understand what really matters to the farming community. Outstanding versatility, the greatest possible comfort, intelligent technology and above all value for money – these are the factors that count. Packed with power.

With maximum engine output of 233 hp1, up to 35 hp reserve power and enormous lifting capacity, the AXION 800 is the ideal basis for a broad range of applications. Whatever the application, its intelligent engine management system ensures that fuel consumption remains low. Ready to go. The intuitive, ergonomic controls on the AXION 800 hold no mysteries.

Drivers can find their way around right from the start. The functions are all arranged logically and, combined with exceptional comfort, enable the driver to relax even during long working days. A real worker. All the components and systems on the AXION 800 are designed for outstanding reliability and a long service life. It won’t let you down.

Make use of the tractive power built into the AXION 800:

  • Rear axle tyres up to 2.05 m in diameter;
  • Up to 400 kg wheel weights per rear wheel;
  • Flanged axle or 2.5 and 3 m adjustable axle;
  • High chassis efficiency with careful matching of transmission and rear axle;
  • Good weight distribution and a long wheelbase;
  • Front ballast up to 900 kg ex factor.

Make your road travel and maintenance operations more economical:

  • High transmission efficiency;
  • Low fuel consumption, even with partial loads;
  • High driving comfort;
  • Reduced engine speed at 40 and 50 km/h.

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