Although no two harvest days are the same, the goal is always maximum productivity. With the new LEXION, you can count on the perfect partner: a combine harvester which is more than fit for the future. And that future starts today.

Key facts:

• Working in combination with the ROTO PLUS secondary separation system, the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing unit delivers 10% more throughput – with low fuel consumption and high straw quality.
• A larger feeder drum and a threshing drum with a diameter increased from 600 mm to 755 mm also play their part in delivering an efficient harvest.
• The grain tank holds up to 18,000 litres and empties at 180 l/s for volumes from 13,500 l.
• Save fuel through demand-driven cooling and automatic adjustment of engine output.
• With a top speed of 40 km/h, you can get where you’re going more quickly. For longer effective working time in the field.
• With the JET STREAM cleaning system, a dual-ventilated straw walker step provides intensive pre-cleaning.

In addition, it also features:
• Up to 1,75m tyres on the steering axle.
• Up to 13,8m working width.
• 105° pivot angle for the grain tank unloading tube.
• Up to 790hp engine output.
• 100% of machines with dynamic cooling.

Every minute counts when you are working for a successful harvest. And that goes for the key new features of the LEXION, too, including grain collection.

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