Thanks to forty-five years of experience in the field of agricultural mechanisation, the Italian Company SEKO has become one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of TMR Mixers and Automatic Systems for livestock feeding. This month, we’re introducing you to their Tiger VML 240 – Vertical TMR Mixer.

All-round safety and dependability are the distinguishing features of the Tiger series vertical chopping-mixing wagons, which are unique due to their extraordinary loading capacity and excellent work quality.

These extremely robust and dependable machines are able to chop any fibrous product with extreme care and rapidity, guaranteeing perfect mixing without any alteration of the organoleptic characteristics of the feed.

Tiger VML 240 – Standard Equipment

  • Trailed version for tractor coupling
  • N° 2 Chopping-mixing augers fitted with toothed blades
  • VMS Series = LH direct discharge placed on the bend
  • VML Series = LH direct discharge placed on the rear side
  • Hydraulic couplings to tractor with “pull-push” levers distributor
  • Epicycloidal gearboxes with two speed gear
  • Single axle unit with single wheels, weighing sensors, no brakes for 12-14-16-20-24 m3
  • Tandem axle unit with single wheels, weighing sensors, no brakes for 20-24-30 m3
  • Product containment ring
  • Adjustable drawbar with Ø 45 mm towing eye
  • N° 2 manually operated counter-blades
  • Frame for independent weighing
  • Mechanical supporting foot
  • Inspection ladder with platform
  • Sekotronic SK400 weighing system with 15 recipes/15 ingredients

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