The XERION creates a tractor class of its own with its unique design attributes, delivering the application capabilities of a modern standard tractor. With four large, equal-sized tyres and all-wheel drive.

A 4×4 high-horsepower tractor that is not simply powerful, and it’s also not intended simply for pulling one thing in particular – in fact, it’s the machine for almost any application, flexible and manoeuvrable, and rising to the most formidable of challenges. The XERION 5000 / 4500 / 4000 successfully combines power and intelligence.


The benefits

  • Continuously variable transmission over 500 hp
  • 50 km/h for rapid transfer between fields
  • Four equal-sized tyres, up to 2.16 m diameter (710 + 900 series) for perfect traction
  • Ergonomic operating concept with innovative multifunction control lever
  • Full output potential at low engine speeds for fuel optimisation

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