Seed Orders

In order to streamline the annual seed ordering process, producers are encouraged to place their grain and grazing seed orders well in advance at the nearest depots or retail branches.


Grain and grazing seed order forms:
  • Seed Order Letter.
  • Seed Order Form.
  • Grazing and Onion Seed Order Form.
  • Latest Cultivar Information.
  • Inoculants for Pastures Order Form.
  • Seeding Density Table.
  • SABBI: New Malting Barley variety for the Southern Cape,Agulhas and Hessekwa.
  • Sensako farmsaved seed 2016.
  • Sensako Commercial Producer Agreement.

For seed order inquiries, please contact any of the following:


Johan Lusse
Tel: 028 214 3813
Pierre Laubscher
Tel: 028 425 5827


Colin van Dalen
Tel: 028 214 3821
Annemarie Joubert
Tel: 028 214 3890